Our salon should feel just like arriving at someones house. A little chaotic but with a lot of love. you should feel comfortable and relax while visiting us. Children are always welkome but dont forget that sometimes you need some 'me' time. We have plenty of toys for the young and old and if they don't feel like playing we have a big TV to keep them entertaint. We even have a box for the little one's that need to take a small nap. 

In our home you can come to rest and forget about all the chaotic problems you have because of work, private live or just because of living in Rotterdam. 

Living room

Our 'living room', which is basically the waiting room, is in the centre of the salon, why? Because we want everyone to feel welcome and part of our beautiful family. We let you in in our living room to wait while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.


Our brand new nail-tables are designed in such a way that they are functional but also beautiful, because of the beaitufl rounded corners they won't hurt you when you hit yourself against it.


Our new zashbeds are more comfortable than ever before, because of the new beds the ladies won't hurt their back so quick and you will have an ever smoother experience.


We offer painless hair removal for the whole body.


Our new pedicure department is designed in such a way that you will have a beautiful overview of the salon while sitting comfortable with a cup of coffee or tea.